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God gave Dr. Zachery Tims (April 18th 1969 - August 12, 2011) a vision to change nations for God. The Tims family birthed New Destiny Christian Center in 1996 in Orlando; a non-traditional church with a multi-cultural mission. The ministry made a presence throughout the highways and byways of Orlando, building a ministry based on outreach. Over the course of 10 years the ministry would increase its membership into the thousands, invested countless hours into outreach, hosted annual Thanksgiving and Christmas events, secured a twenty-one acre property debt free, built a $3.4 million 34,000 square foot Generation Next Youth Building dedicated to community youth, and impacted the lives of many believers and non-believers through global media.

With his unfortunate passing in the Summer of 2011, Dr. Zachery Tim's vision did not die, but continues to live in the hearts of his family, church leadership and members. His vision will continue to live on as we move forward with a renewed mind and spirit. New Destiny Christian Center is alive and well and is committed fully to supporting our Apostolic leader, Pastor Paula White, who is leading the ministry into the promise land.


Dr. Tims wrote his life story in his book entitled, "It's Never Too Late". Support his legacy with his life story having a home in your personal book collecton today.


Zachery Tims

Dr. Zachery Tims broke down barriers. He used billboards to promote the mission of Christ. Dr. A driven man of God and a passionate business man. A leader of leaders, an avid reality preacher and teacher who became a trailblazer to many other young preachers and Pastors.


Zachery Tims minister of men

Pastor Tims built Godly men who he ultimately wanted to become the priests, prophets, and protectors of their homes. He touched the lives of men of all ages and was determined to see them take their Godly positions in society and within the four walls of their homes.


Zachery Tims the teacher

Dr. Zach simultaneously earned two Bachelor's degrees, in Accounting & Theology. He held two honorary Doctoral degrees from Vision International University and St. Thomas Christian College for the tremendous work he has accomplished in ministry.


Zachery Tims the preacher

Dr. Zachery Tims had a passion for life and walked with a youthful spirit. He was animated and at times humorous in the delivery of the gospel, and Gods word was brought to life. He was able to communicate very serious topics in a lighthearted way.


Having once been Dr. Zach's spiritual mother I can confidently state that he would want each of us to be committed to the convenant we've established at New Destiny Christian Center. Honor him by taking your God-ordained positions in building the "City of Destiny".

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